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My introduction to computers started when I met my wife 20+ years ago and her Dad had multiple computers set up with a BBS bulletin board in his bedroom. He would take me to the Computer Swap meets in Downtown Dallas once a month starting around 3AM because that’s when the best deals could be had. I decided to build my first computer right after Windows 95 came out and never looked back.


In the early days of the Internet (1995-1998) I spent the majority of my time learning about computers and more importantly how to break and fix them.


In 1998 I started doing tech support for a major computer company and still work for the same company 15 years later. As I moved in to management roles later in my carrer I stayed on Technical Contracts and up to date with the latest technology and continued to be that guy who could help friends and family with their computers.


A little over 7 years ago I returned to Texas and moved to Cedar Creek Area to help take care of my father in law due to health concerns. When I had returned he was known as the "Computer Guy" @ Big Daddy's and was still working on Computers at that time. Just over 4 years ago his health got the better of him and he was forced to give up his passion for computers and electronics.


For the next couple of years I did work for his long term customers and last year decided to take a leap of faith and open a shop on the weekends out at Big Daddy's. September 2015 was 3 years and the customer base I have built up has far exceeded my expectations.


Rest assured when you do business with Chris Barr being quick, efficient and friendly is what the Computer Shop is all about. 


Chris Barr - Owner

Shop Phone : 903-740-0885 

House Phone aft 5pm: 903-887-3663

Email: ccpcdr@gmail.com

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Computer Shop @

Big Daddys Flea Market
2513 N Tool Dr

Tool, Texas 75143


Shop Number:  903-740-0885


Email: ccpcdr@gmail.com



Business Hours

Shop is open Saturday and Sunday only and times vary. During week I am normally avaialble after 5PM for onsite service calls or drop off in GBC.



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